Pink C271′s!

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Thanks to Sean, we now know that some Walmart’s are carrying a pink version of the C271 Louisville bat for only $5! Go check yours out and get your wife a bat!



Moonshot KSCX Rev2 Bat Review

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In a word, wow. This bat has swept me off of my feet.  The feel, the ability to drive the ball, the pop, the speed through the zone, the balance…hold on, I can’t breathe.

Okay, I’m back.  This bat is flat out phenomenal, and here’s why.  I go into a bat review with just about any bat with preconceived notions which often get proven true when testing the bat.  For example, with the Nerf bat, without seeing it, I figured it would be solid, but have a seriously toy feel; that it probably could be recommended, but wouldn’t necessarily be the best bat in the world.  What’s amazing about the KSCX Rev2 is that I went into the review thinking, “it will never live up to its $200 price tag.”  It did.  Boy, did it ever!

This bat took my thinking and kicked it to the curb.  Somehow, the Rev2 convinced me that $200 wasn’t much for what you were getting with this bat.  I like it significantly better than any other bat I’ve swung with Wiffle balls.  And with Blitzballs, forget about it, there isn’t a better combo out there.

I hate myself for saying this, but really, honestly, you may want to save your pennies and mow a few more lawns this summer, because this bat is THAT GOOD.  Forget about any other bat we’ve reviewed…even the first KSCX Revolution, I don’t even want to keep trying new bats, time to take a break and try to wrap my head around this thing.  Goodness gracious.  Well done, Moonshot.  Well done.


This summer, we have undergone some major changes at SAHDwiffle, and we wanted to let you know about them and let you know about why our replies and output this summer have lacked compared to previous years. Read further if you give a crap.

Being a stay at home dad has its advantages. You don’t have to go sit at a desk pretending to work all day long, you get to eat as many lunches as you want, and generally, the rules don’t apply to you. All in all, I’m not complaining. There are some drawbacks to this lifestyle however. When your spouse (the family breadwinner) gets a new job half a country away, you pack and drive a 26 foot truck to where you’re told.

With my relocation to Northern Colorado, and the fact that every other SAHDwiffler has stayed behind but most will also relocate in the near future, I am sad to say that SAHDwiffle is going to be a bit different. It’s not leaving, not by a longshot, but it will change. Casey and Jason have decided to take a bow and let the little birdy they’ve raised from an egg fly away into the Colorado sunset. And with that, I’m now in need of some new friends that may share in the plastic toy bat and ball game we all love so dearly. If you know anybody, feel free to let them know where to find me.

Lastly, keep your eyes peeled for the review that I’m finishing up on the road. It’s a good one, a damn good one, in fact, good enough it competes for the top spot all time. It’s the Moonshot KSCX Rev2, and mylanta I enjoy hitting that bat.


LocoBat Review

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SAHDwiffle Video

Since our inception two years ago, we’ve been waiting on the LocoBat to finish the upgrade that the website promised.  Well, we wait no more, and let me assure you, the wait was worth it!  This bat is awesome.  It’s a very clean mesh of a custom tooled wood handle place perfectly within a plastic “Screwball” bat barrel.  No screws, no tape, just a bunch of voodoo and witchcraft that turn these two pieces into one phenomenal bat.  And for $20?  You bet I have a new go to when someone asks me, “Chad, I have $20, which bat should I buy?”  It’s that good, ladies and gentlemen.  That.  Good.


Opening Day 2013

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Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.12.41 AM

It’s finally here.  Well, it was finally here, a week ago.  And, it.  Was.  Awesome.  We had heard the rumor, from a fellow in Wyoming of all places, that Marshmallow Peeps are excellent fodder for Wiffle bat consumption and had to find out.  We separated out several boxes of Peeps and left some fresh, some slightly stale, and some were hard as rocks.  See the results for yourselves below.  Oh, and the Chinook helicopters?  Yeah, that actually happened, on purpose.  Eat your hearts out!  Happy spring, happy wiffling.

SAHDwiffle, out.


Gotta start them somewhere!

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SAHDwiffle Video

As a SAHD, my days are considerably more awesome than the average Joe.  Today is no exception.  This is what I did after lunch, what did you do?


Since we’re SAHDs and all…

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We thought it was high time to give you this information we received from a site user.  Bradon has a four year old son that likes to play wiffle ball with his Dad, but a four year old has a darn hard time swinging a 34 inch bat.  The solution?  Make your own bat with a real tee-ball bat handle, and a chopped, epoxy’d, and foamed Easton Pro Stix 1000.  Here are Bradon’s instructions.

I had an old t-ball bat cut down and the post was sanded enough to jamb it into the end of the Easton. You can see that the Bat End was shopped and then a portion of the bat was used to sleeve the End Cap back on. The bat was filled with foam and then drilled out. Cool little bat.

You’ll see that he “had a t-ball bat cut down” and didn’t try to do this himself.  People, please leave the heavy lifting to the pros.  When you finish, you just might wind up with something as cool as this.

Thanks, Bradon!  And happy wiffling!


Bat Alert

April 14th, 2013 | Posted by chad in Public Service Announcements - (3 Comments)

Word on the street is that some Dicks Sporting Goods stores are stocking the Louisville C271 for the price of $5! May be worth the trip to check it out. Thanks to Sean for the tip!


Keeping Score

April 3rd, 2013 | Posted by chad in Scoring | User Submission - (2 Comments)

It has occurred to me over the last couple of years that keeping score is something we don’t take as much time with as we need to.  We guesstimate the better hitters and pitchers and call it a day, but many other people do it differently.  How do you keep score for your games?

One of our users, JSS, has been using the paper and pencil method which works great, is time tested, and will keep you straight.  He’s been kind enough to share his .pdf file for your consumption.

So, SAHDwifflers, what are we missing?


I can smell it…

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SAHD Logo Square

Mid-march is upon us, which can only mean one thing.  Backyards are about to come alive with the sound of cracking plastic!  As with every year so far, the offseason has meant we’ve been tinkering with the site, trying to make it a little more user friendly, and ultimately, a better experience for you.

Things we’ve added?

  1. Follow buttons on the sidebar for your easy access to us on other mediums, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  2. Share buttons below each post and at the bottom of each page.  We wanted you to be able to easily share a story from our site to your friends, family, dog, whatever floats your boat.
  3. More fitness.  Last year, we were an embarrassment.  We were lucky to even hit the ball 100 feet in good conditions.  This year, both Casey, and I, are leaner, meaner, fighting machinier (is that a word?).  We’re going to bring the pain (figuratively).

Things we’ve taken away?

  1. Not that we’ve actually taken it away, but we’re still ad free!  That means all content is what we actually think, not what we’re paid to think.  Same with our reviews.  Remember folks, this is not a money-making venture for us, we do it out of the good of our hearts and our love of the game.
  2. Between Casey and I, we’ve removed at least 50 pounds of lard.  Jason may have added ten, but overall, we’re down a hefty amount, and we did it all for you.  Our healthier selves will live longer, and provide the best plastic reviews until you’re in your rocking chair on your front porch yelling for kids to, “Get off my lawn!”

Overall, we’re psyched for a great season to be upon us.  When the weather finally cooperates, you can bet your bootstraps that we’ll be outside ready to go.  Any recommendations for bat reviews, ball reviews, or gear reviews? We’re looking into a couple of bats, a scoring app, and a few other things so far, but you are the ones that want the info, so tell us what you want.

As always, happy wiffling!

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